Acceptable Forms

As a regulated mortgage advisor, we are legally obligated to confirm the identity, address and proof of income of every client. Throughout the process, we will ask you to supply the following forms of identification to comply with anti-money laundering regulations.


  1. Personal Identification
    Passport/Driving Licence

  2. Address identification
    Utility bill, council tax bill, a tax notification from HMRC, a letter or posted statement from your bank – Must be dated within the past 3 months

  1. Income
    If employed – latest 4 months payslips
    If self-employed – latest 3 years’ trading accounts or SA302s from HMRC
    Details of any state benefits/tax credits or other income you receive

  2. Expenditure 4 months bank statements for each account held
    Any balances of any loans, credit cards and other commitments you may have

Bank/investment statements showing deposit
(This is not applicable for remortgages)